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“275_kc705_fmc176output is empty

the following document
CD275 KC705+FMC176
Reference Firmware
For KC705

stated the following state men

4.1 Setting up the simulation
In order to setup the simulation, perform the following steps:
- Start with the creation of the ISE project. Refer to the StellarIP section in the 4FM
Getting Started Guide.
- Use ISE to open the project from[b][i][u] “\275_kc705_fmc176\output[/u][/i][/b]\ kc705_ fmc176”.
problem is
[b][i][u] “\275_kc705_fmc176\output [/u][/i][/b][b]is empty and there is no project
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Dear Sir,
Have you actually ran StellarIP? StellarIP is creating the Xilinx project and the simulation environment.
Best Regards,
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