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Configure the FMC204 for using the AD9517 VCO

I am looking for information on how to configure my FMC204 board to use the VCO inside the AD9517 PLL chip. When I received it, my board was configured to use the on-board 1GHz VCXO which I cannot use in my application. The mod involves the loop filter and probably requires moving a couple of zero ohm resistors.


Dear Andre,

This is an manufacturing option we provide to customers (-C26) indeed. Modifying the PCB on your side will void the warranty so it is strongly advised to get us modify and qualify your board.

Are you interested by this, shall I get you a sales engineer to contact you ?

Best Regards,
Hi Arnauld,

Thanks for the reply. I have received the C26 ECO from Dave Thompson.

Best regards,
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