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VC707 FMC1 HB busses

[font=arial]Hi,[/font][font=verdana][font=arial]I am working on VC707 and using FMC1 connector (FMC204),[/font][/font][font=arial]I am taking all lvds differential signal pairs on FMC1 connector except HB busses signals when i looked by scope.[/font][font=arial]I know FMC2 does not support HB busses but I can not take HB bus signals on FMC1 also.[/font][font=arial]I tried to sow these signals on the related pins (below the VC707), and i can not sow, but others HA and LA busses lvds signals are exact at there.[/font]For using these HB busses, Does it need some configuration on VC707?[font=arial]Please help[/font]

Dear Sir/Madame,

Do you have any problem finding the reference design. The documentation tells which FMC connector is supported.

Best Regards,
I did not enable hb busses, it works now

thank you
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