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How do I use FMC204 on Xilinx's AC701 Evaluation Board?

Dear 4DSP,

I currently own the 4DSP’s FMC204 board that I recently bought. I have a question concerning the use of this 204 board on AC701 Evaluation Board of Xilinx's. Your product website tells that the 204 is electrically compatible with the AC701 but there are some limitations. Could you please let me know or explain what the limitations are ? If I really need to use my 204 on AC701, what changes or modifications of the firmware do I need to do in order to be able to use them together ? Currently, I own AC701 but also own ML605. I already tried your Board Support Package (BSP) of 204 with my ML605, and it works just fine. I also own your FMC168 (the 8-channel ADC). I may need to use my 204 on AC701 because I may need to run my 168 on the HPC connector of ML605.

Your reply to my questions will be absolutely appreciated. Thank you very much and look forward to receiving your suggestions soon.

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Dear Sir,

Have you got the information you needed in the meanwhile?

Best Regards,
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