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60 MHz bandwidth with FMC30RF


how exactly do we bypass the Low Pass Filter of the TRF3711 in order to be able to operate with up to 60 MHz bandwidth as mentioned on the web site of the board? We see a performance degradation when operating at 25+MHz and think that this might be related to this.

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I had a look at the datasheet of the TRF371125 chip. The cutoff frequency of the chip in bypass mode is said to be 30 MHz (it's the 3dB point). If the low-pass filter isn't bypassed it's at most 20 MHz. So is it even possible to achieve 60 MHz (as promoted) at all?



You are right that the cutoff frequency in bypass mode is 30MHz on each output of the TRF3711. If you use I and Q, the total bandwidth can be upto 60MHz, however you will have to downconvert completely to baseband. So you will have to set the LO frequency to the center of your RF signal.

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