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FMC30RF with legacy Xilinx Virtex 5 and Virtex 4?


Is it possible to connect the FMC30RF with a [b]Virtex 5 or Virtex 4[/b] FPGA?  :o

Does anyone have experience with it?

Can the reference design (e.g. for ML605) be migrated to these FPGA technology? Does anyone foresee any problem with the IO components required for the interface?

Best regards and thanks in advance,

This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.

with regards to the signal rates the V4 or V5 shoudl be able to work well with the FMC30RF. But the design uses some IO elements that do not exist in these technologies so you will need to build your own IO interface logic. The other logic is mainly plain VHDL and FIFOs which should not be to difficult to port to V4/V5

at the moment I do not see why it should not work.

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