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10 MHz external reference


i need to modify the 286_zc702_fmc30rf design
for a laser telemeter application. At first, i shall use an external
10 MHz atomic clock reference. I suppose i have to modify the function

int32_t fmc30rf_cdce62005_init(uint32_t bar, uint32_t clocksource)

in the visual C++ project.

Do you know what i should change in the registers reg[0] to reg[8] ?

using pri ref instead of sec_ref is easy, but changing from 30.72 to 10 MHz
doesn't seem obvious.

Dear Sir,

You will need to check CDCE62005 literature in order to understand what modifications to be done at the chip level. Texas Instruments FAEs can also be contacted to obtain information on their chip.

Lat but not least, there is a configuration software for CDCE chips on the TI website. Maybe this tool will allow you to know more about the required register settings for your application.

Best Regards,

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