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FMC30RF can not be found by GUI

I have a problem about FMC30RF on VC707. I can evaluate the FMC30RF, receive sample data by using command window (Chapter 11) while the interface type is Ethernet but i can not see the device in the GUI interface , there are no device found. And in the FMC Analyzer, there is an error "Unable to retrieve Ethernet device lists. Error code is: -1" when i click to Ethernet in the Available Interfaces.

Please help...
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The VC707 is only available through the ethernet interface.  [b][i]The 4FM GUI is only available to connect with the PCI devices.[/i][/b]  It will show no devices if there is nothing connected PCI bus

During the installation you must select to install the 4DSP Ethernet driver.    To see if it's properly installed, go to ControlPanel->Network/Internet->Network and Sharing Center->Change Adaptor Settings->(select your ethernet adaptor)->Properties.  you should see a list of items such as Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/Ipv4).  You should also see 4DSP Ethernet Procoll Driver on that list.  It must be selected to be used with the ethernet port.

  So, you can build the reference application for FMC30RF and issue a command either through the debugger or on the command prompt in this format:

1 VC707 0 rx_freq tx_freq

1 is the number for "ethernet device".  Second argument is VC707, third argument is device index (always 0 for ethernet) and rx_freq and tx_freq is selectible between 400 to 3000 (it is limited by your device range - high range low range).  For low range, you can select for example, 800 for each and run the application.

To run the 4FM Analyzer, you can click on the 4FM GUI's plugin window.  If you see an ethernet device error of -1 and you have checked previously that 4DSP driver has been installed as well as that you can run the reference app.  There is a known issue where the 4FM Analyzer can't find the ethapi.dll file in the path.  In this case, if you run the applicatio nfrom START menu, it shoudl be able to find the ethapi.dll file and resolve the issue.

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