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trying to use lower ADC and DAC rates

I tried to lower the ADC and DAC rates of AFE7225. First enabled decimation and LPF by changing the register 165. When I run the application it says:

--- Measuring on-board frequencies ---
Stellar IP Clock : 125.00 MHz
ADC PHY Clock    : 61.44 MHz
DAC PHY Clock    : 61.44 MHz
CDCE62005 Spare  : 245.76 MHz
I would expect only the ADC clock to change, not both. Furthermore the RX data is absolute garble. In the same setup with default settings I had nice signals as expected, sine wave etc. As well when I modify the frequency of OUT1 of CDCE62005, register 1 bits 17, also the RX data is garble.


The reason why both clocks to change is that DAC clock is generated by the ADC clock in the firmware. Please refer the afe7225_phy in the source code. If you change the frequency, idelay may need to change as well.

Well Arnaud's post says that AFE7225 gets its clock from CDCE62005. As well he explains:
-  Start training in the firmware; the firmware will automatically adjust input iDelays and perform Bitslip to align the serial links
But in the SD111 (FMC30RF star) documentation I see that the ADC clock is an FPGA f/w input while the DAC clock is a f/w output to AFE7225. These are part of the f/w section AFE7225 PHY. But the AFE7225 PHY is not documented or explained. Particularly the operation of IDELAY, its training and how it relates to the ADC clock. I guess the whole point of training was to adjust the IDELAY relative to tho ADC clock. But it does not work. Please provide support for the AFE7225 PHY, IDELAY and its training.
I would highly appreciate an answer on this.

Yes, by using a bit align machine, the training adjusts the IDELAY relative to the ADC clock. Basically, bit align machine compares the test pattern, finds the 1st and 2nd edges and then sets the [font=Verdana]IDELAY t[/font]ap value to the middle. However, this design is optimized for the default frequency that reference design uses. If clock is changed, possibly bit align machine may not set the optimal tap values. You can always change the [font=Verdana]IDELAY t[/font]ap values manually instead of using the training. If you open "fmc30rf_afe7225.cpp" in the reference software, you can disable the training and set the manual [font=Verdana]IDELAY tap values[/font]. For more information on [font=Verdana]IDELAY[/font], please refer Xilinx user guides.

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