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Ethernet and ML605 with FMC30RF

1) 4FM GUI Control application page 20,22,24 says devices communicating over Ethernet as the ML605 cannot be controlled by this software.
2) Is there a way to communicate using the Ethernet with ML605, FMC30RF, and your framework?


1) 4FM GUI is designed for our custom boards that use the PCIe interface. Using this you can monitor diagnostics, board information, programming the firmware to flash and etc.
2) Yes you can use it. Our reference designs except for PCIe specified mainly use the ethernet communication. Please keep following the 4FM Getting Started Guide. You can skip the PCIe information. You should have the sources for ML605_FMC30RF with using Ethernet after 4DSP BSP installation.

  Thanks. What is the required configuration for ethernet:

1) What Ip address do I need to set PC to?
2) Do I need to configure arp table or have dhcp server?
3) What will the IP address of ML605 be?

You need a gigabit Ethernet support with default configurations. If you refer chapter 8 in the 4FM getting started guide, you can see the steps how to run the reference design.

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