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General questions to FMC30RF

I would like to order an FMC30RF board to interface with an ML605.

I would like to build a CDMA transciever and after browsing the user guide i have some questions.

I would like to know how the build process is thought in the reference design:

1- Does StellarIP set up the Configuration parameters ( ADC/ DAC sampling rate, VGA, carrier frequency, ....)  with the GUI interface?

2- How does StellarIP is implemented in the reference design?

3- Is the PCIe mandotry or the design can work without it?

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Dear Sir,

1. No, a software application configures these settings during runtime; These firmware are long to recompile so it is extremely inefficient to recompile a firmware for every new settings.

2. StellarIP is the engine creating a Xilinx project from a library file (library.xml) as well as a description file (xxx.sdf) it is not a firmware block but a design assistant.

3. The PCIe is a paid option for our designs. The default designs are all using Ethernet for communicating with the host.

Best Regards,

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