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Clock mode 1 does not work

I used to run the FMC30RFapp with clock mode 0 and could see the carrier at the RF I/O output. Now I see that both in clock mode 1 and 0 I have a 525 MHz carrier of about -40dBm at the RF I/O. But with clock mode 1 there is nothing at RF I/O. I am running the original FMC30RFapp.exe from the C:\Program Files\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Bins. According to the notes and the software files there should be a transmission carrier in all three modes. As well, is the -40dBm level OK?
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Yes, -40 dBm level should be ok. There are 3 clock modes 0 (RX out / TX out) 1 (RX out / TX in) or 2 (RX in / TX out). When clockmode 1 is used, TX is input. If there are no external clock, you don't see the clock feedthrough at RF I/O.

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