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TRF3765 RFOUT connections and logic

Can you please explain how the 4 RFOUT outputs of TRF3765 are connected to the TRF371109, what is the logic and the dividing factors? Furthermore can you please provide the board schematic?

From the software and your notes I see that the input to TRF3765 is fREF = 30.72MHZ, RDIV = 1, PLL_DIV_SEL = 4, NINT = 34, NFRAC = 6029312. Considering the fractional setting: fVCO = 4200MHz, which is 8 times the TRF3765 output of 525MHz.

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I'm sorry we do not provide the schematic. Fvco is divided in the TRF3765. Please check the application information in the datasheet.

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