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Firmware upload on PC720


I have a question about the firmware upload.
I have a PC720 card.

Information I got from the card was:

Library Version      : 1.50 build 001
FPGA A PCI Revision  : 5.0
FPGA A Revision      : 1.1
FPGA A Customer Nr.  : 0
FPGA A Firmware Type  : 238
FPGA A Has Ext. Infos : 0
CPLD Revision        : 1.0
Board Serial Number  : 48
User ROM Value        : 1193046
FPGA B Device Type    : XC7KK410T-2FXG1930C
FPGA B Revision      : 1.0.0
FPGA B Firmware Type  : 449

Here "FPGA B Firmware Type" seems to be the design we're
having for the FPGA, type beging "449".

I need to upload the new design to the flash and based
on the information card gave me destination should be FPGA B,
not FPGA A.

Quoted: "FLASH_B do a flash programming of the USER configuration
for FPGA B (not available on PC720)."

#./4fm_upload_firmware PC720 0 -b mydesign_type449_pc720.hex

This didn't work. Got IO error. Ok, based on the quote it shouldn't work.

Quoted: "That's correct, "-a" is the actual PC720 FPGA. This is because
our devices with two FPGAs (FM680, FM780) have the PCIe/Flash interface
on FPGA A, FPGA B being the processing FPGA."

If I do this:

#./4fm_upload_firmware PC720 0 -a mydesign_type449_pc720.hex

what happens to the FPGA A that haves Firmware Type 238 uploaded?
Or if I just upload the new firmware with option -a (FPGA_A),
in PC720 it just ends up in to the FPGA B ?


Dear Sir,

You are correct, the PC720 has only one FPGA and you should use the -a option.

This is legacy because our first hardware as FM480/482 have two FPGA, FPGA A being the PCIe interface.

So we have moved the FPGA A portion inside FPGA B. The FPGA A information displayed comes from FPGA B.

I know it is a bit confusing, but you should program your image using -a switch and the new image will also contain the FPGA A subset.

Best Regards,
Dear Sir,

Was the information sufficient, can I go ahead and close this topic?

Best Regards,
This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.