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Not able to configure flash programming file to KC705

I want to configure flash programming file for KC705 to change the default 2.5v. Flash program file is given in the following location:
C:\Program Files\4dsp\4FM Core Development Kit\Plug-Ins\FMC667\Ready Files\KC705_1V8_VADJ

I am following the steps given in 4FM getting started guide, but not able to program(at 8% of completion it is waiting infinitely).

please help me in solving this problem.


Dear Vamshi,

I am not quite sure. 4DSP and many customers can you this file just fine. I assume the problem is not about the VADJ design but you are having a problem with your impact or something like that. Maybe try to use an older impact version.

Maybe your KC705 is not configured properly. I think you should try to follow KC705 documentation and try to get a design in your flash. When you have the right you will be able to use our .mcs file.

Best Regards,
Thanks, I will try again and check the configuration settings of KC705
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