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Not getting output from FMC204 used with FMC700 on KC705 Kit

I am evaluating the " [b]FMC204 Cards[/b] " (Digital to Analog  Converters) using the reference design. Target board for our application is Xilinx's "[b]KC705 kintex-7 kit"[/b] .I have used[b] FMC700 card [/b]with FMC204 for my application

My problem is that after downloading the bit file provided by the 4DSP's reference design the PC could not detect the hardware board connected through Ethernet and no DAC output comes, whereas in the user guide it shows that output should come.
I’ve followed following steps
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Plugged the FMC204 card on the KC705 board on HPC site using FMC700.
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Connected the USB cable JTAG connection on the KC705 board.
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Connected the Ethernet cable connection between KC705 board and my host window 7 PC.
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Downloaded the reference firmware 251_Kc705_fmc204.bit from “C:\Program Files\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Recovery\251_Kc705_fmc204.bit” to the hardware using Xilinx Impact utility .
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]run the application [b]Fmc204App.exe[/b] from “C:\Program Files\4DSP\FMC Board Support
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Package\Bins” path, got the network adapter address and
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]Then run the following command in command prompt
[font=symbol]·[font=Times New Roman][size=7pt]        [/size][/font][/font]FMC204App.exe {1} {KC705} {ED340D87-8F7B-40D1-A473-0BEBA0078072} {0}
Where its usage is like
FMCxxxApp.exe {interface type} {device type} {device index} {clock
my interface is Ethernet -1 and clock mode internal-0

and  {ED340D87-8F7B-40D1-A473-0BEBA0078072} is the device index got from running FMC204App.exe in command prompt.

But it shows that
[b]“it Could not find the 4DSP PMC Device, exiting Problem opening the hardware,sorry….  ”[/b]

But even after doing all the steps I could not get the output from the DAC card , neither the output data is stored on the Host PC.
I want to know what is the probable solution for receiving the final output from FMC 204 DAC. 

I followed the standard procedure given in the reference guide "4FM_Get_Started_Guide_WinXP.pdf" given by 4DSP.

Dear Sir,

You want to try without {} first. The device index you should put is not the NDIS GUID but the index on which it is on the enumeration table. This should be a number between 0 and n.

If {ED340..} has index of 0, then you will call the application that way: fmc204app 1 KC705 0 0

Best Regards,
Hi Arnaud,
thanks for your support,
the design starts working ....
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