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inconsistent ADC autocal in high pin count FMC socket of ML605

Our current demo system comprises a pair of FMC150s on a single ML605. We can always get the ADC on the low pin count FMC socket to complete autocal properly, but our results for the high pin count FMC socket vary, with only one of our eight ML605s working consistently. We can transmit from a DAC on the high pin count socket to an ADC on the low pin count socket, and this is what we are doing for one-way link demos, but for two-way we will eventually need to autocal the ADCs on both boards properly.

We have ISE checked the timing reports scrupulously, and we do have the one ML605 which works properly w/ any of our six FMC150s. Does anyone have a reasonable theory or suggestion regarding why we cannot autocal any of the FMCs on the other ML605s in the high pin count socket? We see now reason whatsoever that should not work properly, and indeed it always does on our one good board.
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