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issue with board voltages


My FMC150 suddently stopped working (no clock, no deac output) and I suspect a problem with the onboard voltage regulators. I made the following observation :
[li]when plugged-in the 2 LED (power_en and power_ok) are on. As soon as I program the fpga (so when the compenents get configured by spi), power_ok is switched off and only power_en stays on.[/li]
[li]I got 3.3V/12V and 2.5V on the 3.3V/12V and Vaux tests points[/li]
[li]On the others tests points (1V8xx, 3v3A_x, 3v8, AVDD...) measured voltages do not match test points labels (all measured voltages seem to be between 0.5V and 1V)[/li]
Still, I cannot  find the faulty component... Has anyone a hint ?

By the way, I'm using the fm150 with the ml605 evaluation board and the ml605_fmc reference design.


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