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FMC150 and XM105

I have some problem with my ML605 with FMC150 and XM105.
When I connect the FMC150 (on the LPC FMC connector) alone I have no problem but when I plug the XM105 on the HPC
the FMC150 doesn't power on. The "Power OK" led is OK (blue light) but the "Power EN" led still OFF and the FMC150 doesn't work.
The situation doesn't change if I swap the cards.
Any Idea?
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Dear Sir,

The PWR EN LED you are refering to is reflecting the status of the PG_C2M signal driven from the carrier. This signal should be logic high before the FMC150 will completely power up.

Looking at the schematics of the ML605, this signal is driven from the FPGA pin K9 (signal DVI_GPIO1_FMC_C2M_PG_LS). Could you please make sure your firmware is actively driving this pin high?

Best Regards,
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