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FMC150 Filter Bypass


Does anybody know how I can bypass high pass filters in my FMC150 card?
I will appreciate any idea.

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this require removing and replacing some components. Please contact your representative for details. This is something 4DSP can do but there will be a fee associated to this.

Do you mean replacing and removing components physically on the board or in the reference design?
on the board.
But on the board there are two signs 'filter bypass'. Doesn't this mean that I can change the route of the signal using this mode?
Dobrej Denj,
As explained by Pierrick, you would need to contact our local representative in order to investigate that. 4DSP is having quite a few assembly options but these should be indicated PRIOR purchasing a board. In some rare case we might look into modifying a board but this is rather expensive.
Any modifications/soldering on the board is voiding the warranty.
Best Regards,
Arnaud Maye
Ok, in this case could you explain me the purpose of these 'filter bypass'?
Dear Sir,
What you are asking is beyond the scope of a normal technical support.
Best Regards,
Ok, and do you sell the similar boards but without AC-coupling?
Not currently but it is feasible. If you are interested in a DC coupled version of this product, please send an email to
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