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Getting signal from FMC150

Does anyone know how to get the signal from FMC to FPGA? For example, I want to put sine to input A and then this sine goes through ADC and DAC and I get the same sine from the output C. What is the idea of implementing this? Reference design from Xilinx is too complicated for my task, I guess.
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I am doing the opposite -- sending digital data out through the DAC, looping back through the ADC, and recovering the data on the FPGA.

Look at the reference design -- you should be able to connect the ADC's ports to the upper 14 bits of the DAC's ports, letting the reference design handle the DDR and signal muxing for you.

Try connecting the dual 14-bit inputs of the DDC directly to where the DUC outputs drive the DAC interface block. These are all full-width 61MS/s buses. It will work best if you insert a couple of registers between your FPGA inputs and outputs, but you can probably get a quick test without even bothering to do this.
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