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How to test the kc705_trainmat project

In StellarIP, I've opened the kc705_trainmat project that comes with the BSP. I have generated the corresponding ISE project, generated the bitstream and downloaded it to my KC705 board.

What's not clear to me is which software application I'm supposed to use to transfer data to the board over ethernet. I've noticed a file called KC705TrainingMaterial.exe under "E:\Program Files (x86)\4DSP\4FM Core Development Kit\Bins" but the only output that I get is "Problem opening the hardware, sorry..."



Dear Guy,

Which command line argument do you pass to this software?

You would first need to call it without arguments to obtain the list of the NDIS devices on your system and then use the correct ID as argument.

KC705TrainingMaterial.exe 1 KC705 0

The last 0 would be the NDIS index you find when running the software arguments.

As a side note, source code of this software is to be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\4FM Core Development Kit\StellarIP\Training Material\Software\Ethernet\Loopback

All this implies the correct bit file is loaded into the FPGA and an Ethernet cable is connected between the KC705 and the host computer.

Best Regards,


Apologies for the delay. I tried it today but it looks like the ethernet (NDIS) driver has not been installed on my system.

- how can I check whether the ethernet driver is installed?

- how can I install the ethernet driver if required?



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