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Does FMC160 support demux & non-demux modes offered by ADC12D1800?

According to the ADC12D1800 datasheet, this chip supports both demux and non-demux mode; however, the only method to control this is by asserting the NDM pin to LOW for demux and HIGH for non-demux.

Does the FMC160 board have the capability to change between demux and non-demux modes for the ADC12D1800?  

If so, how can the demux/non-demux mode be switched?


This is supported by setting a bit in a register of the CPLD on the FMC160. Therefore the CPLD firmware has to be revision 0x2B or higher. You can check the CPLD revision by reading register 0x3 from the CPLD. If you already have a board, could you provide me your serial number? That allows me to check if you have to correct CPLD firmware installed.

Best regards,

Ingmar van Klink


The CPLD version is 0x2A.  Serial is FMC160-0025.  Is it correct that the 0x2A version only supports demux mode?



Dear David,

Yes, the CPLD version 0x2A only supports demux mode.

I will provide you the updated CPLD programming file via a private ticket on this forum.

Best regards,


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