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zedboard with fmc104 - reference design

Dear Sir,

I've tried to program the zedboard with the reference firmware for FMC104. 

By executing  go.bat from the IDE design suite command prompt, the bitstream as well as the elf image are downloaded via JTAG interface. However at the end of the download the blue led "DONE" on the zedboard stays off, and the TCP/IP communication with the PC host does not work. On the other hand, if in a second stepI download the bitstream again on the zedboard, by using vivado hardware manager, the blue led "DONE" on the zedboard lights up and the TCP/IP connection works fine. 

 I wonder why I must follow this "two-steps programming" for making the reference firmware work properly. Is there something wrong with the go.bat ? 

Thank you very much in advance, 


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Dear Aldo this is the first time I hear of this behavior. I am not able at this time to explain what would cause this. On the Zedboard we have in our office the go.bat works directly. Best regards, Erik
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