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StelarIP "unable to find star" error


I've switched to latest StellarIP v. and I keep running into following error when I try to add a star to existing ref design and generate output:

"Unable to find the star that starts linear datapath 3, either because the start was not assigned, or because it does not form an uninterrupted one-directional line "

For example, I merged sip_axis_32b_in2wh_out and sip_wh_in2axis_32b_out stars from 419_kc705_fmc104_xfft reference design to 156_kc705_fmc150_vivado design.

After I add and connect the two above stars in the 156_kc705_fmc150_vivado design, I get the above error. 

I get the same error when I try create a similar star from scratch. 

I note that I was not having those problems in previous versions.

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I investigated the problem some more: It is related to provided reference firmware designs itself. When I simply delete and re-create some of the wormhole connections in the original design, e.g. sip_fmc150 of sip_tcpip_engine outputs, using either lines or labels, the design gives the above error. 

Could someone at 4dsp look into it?  

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