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How to use stellarip. Does it actually work?

 I have been trying to get stellar ip to actually help. Is it known to work to create new projects? Everything I have tried to combine two existing examples for a vp780 card and an fmc160 card have failed in generating actual code. It fails in the generate portion with a laundry list of errors depending on how I try to combine them.

Cloning only seems to be half working. According to support people, I have to manually copy many of the files that one would think should be "cloned" by the software.

The support people have been silent on the problem for over two weeks. My error seems to have them stumped.

Should I try to use stellarip as it was designed, or should I just hack a working example to use the communication framework as designed, but place all my own code behind it with modifications to the communication registers.

At this point, I'm either going to hack a working example or start from scratch with my own PCIe communication. Either would be faster at this point.

SO has anyone gotten this to work on anything other than the examples or should I throw it out and just write it off as a marketing ploy?


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