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4DSPStellarIP.dll load error

Good day,

I have just installed my BSP and tried opening Stellar IP. At first, it told me to manually add 4DSPCOMMON into my environment variables. I did that, then restarted my laptop. I tried opening Stellar IP again, but this time, it says "Could not load 4DSPStellarIP.dll", "Stellar IP recovered from a crash". When I click "OK", the error message window just closes and I'm reverted to my desktop. Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem? Any type of help will be much appreciated!

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Same problem here ( windows 8 ).

do you manage do make it start?

I re-installed the BSP using a new license, and it has somehow fixed the problem. Also, I believe the manual says that the software requires Windows 7. Maybe Windows 8 is not yet supported?

I got the same problem on Windows 7.


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