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FMC150 Zynq PS Peta Linux Acess ZC706

Hi all,

I'm starting a new project with an FMC150 and a Zynq ZC-706 and I'm new to the 4DSP FMC solutions

This is just a filter that process separately 2 channels. Right now I'm able to simulate the environment using the PS and running my C algorithm in the Peta Linux SO on the board. I'm simulating the inputs as two files (.txt) that I save in the flash card.

Does anybody have an idea of how could I integrate the FMC150 to this scenario? The ideal would be reading both the FMC150 A/D channels in real time instead of the files. Another acceptable solution would be making the FMC150 to write in the files and then read them. I'm also able to run the same simulation in bare metal by typing some inputs through the UART. If for some reason this helps can forget about peta linux. 

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