Many of our reference firmware for Xilinx FPGA cards are able to connect through Ethernet interface.  These includes ML605, KC705, VC707, etc.   4DSP has created a proprietary ethernet interface to communicate between the board and the reference software that runs on a PC.   This section describes potential problems and solutions with ethernet connectivity.

(Note:  Zynq based cards are using TCP IP protocol and this solution may not apply to those cards)

Common Steps to Check Ethernet Connectivity

  • Ensure that ethernet cable is attached and lights are flashing on the Xilinx ethernet port after the firmware is loaded.   If lights are not on, please check the cable.   Since it is a proprietary interface, the ethernet cable must be connected directly between the computer and the board.   The cable should be cat 5e to ensure that 1GB ethernet link is available.
  • Ensure that ALL FIREWALL and VIRUS/INTERNET FILTERING software is turned OFF.   The protocol uses a unique ethernet packet type and will be filtered by the default windows firewall as well as any third party (Norton, McAfee, etc.)
  • Ensure that winpcap is installed (usually done during the BSP installation process).   You can manually install it from:   WINPCAP Download.
  • Ensure the 4DSP BSP is installed with appropriate ethernet driver.   During installation, the software should prompt for ethernet installation.   To check if the BSP has successfully been installed with the appropriate ethernet driver.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Bins   should contain ethapi.dll driver interface  (if it's on 32 bit machine, then it's just \Program Files\ without the (x86))
  • If this does not exist you may need to manually update your license file.Please take the following steps
    • uninstall the 4DSP software from the "programs and features" menu in the windows control panel
    • open the 4dsp license file you received in notepad
    • open the attached ethapifix.4lf in another notepad
    • copy the line from ethapifiix.4lf under the last line in your own license file
    • save your license file
    • reinstall the 4DSP installer using this updated license file
  • The appropriate ethernet device should selected.   When running a reference software application, if the executable is run without arguments, it will list out the ethernet devices to choose from.   If the wrong ethernet device is selected, the program will attempt to connect and times out.
  • Ensure that PATH has been set up correctly.  Your system path should include:
    •   C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\4FM Core Development Kit\Bins
    •   C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Bins