This note describes the directory structure of the BSP installation.

Software Libraries and Utilities (4FM GUI, etc.):

After the BSP has been installed, the location of the installation resides in:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp   (for 64 bit windows)
  • C:\Program Files\4dsp           (for 32 bit windows)

For the purpose of this note, the location is named <BSP>.

The location for the utilities, 4FM GUI, 4fm.dll (driver for accessing 4FM or PCIe based products), etc. is in:

  • <BSP.>\4FM Core Development Kit\Bins

This path should be automatically included in the Windows System path so that the software will search for the DLL directly.

All documentation related to the FMC card user manual, getting started guide, programming guide for 4FM, as well as firmware guides are located In:

  • <BSP>\4FM Core Development Kit\Documentation.

Software linkable libraries are located in:

  • <BSP>\4FM Core Development Kit\Libs

Software includes .h files are located in:

  • <BSP>\4FM Core Development Kit\Incs

Firmware Packages:

Firmware packages, prebuilt firmware bit files, firmware extractable file for StellarIP tools are located in:

  • <BSP>\Common\Firmware
  • <BSP>\Common\Firmware\Recovery

Software Packages for FMC cards:

The location of the software package as related to FMC cards is in:

  • <BSP>\FMC Board Support Package
  • <BSP>\FMC Board Support Package\Bins (directory containing pre-built software packages to run (exe files))
  • <BSP>\FMC Board Support Package\Incs (include directory for ethernet api driver)
  • <BSP>\FMC Board Support Package\Libs (Linkable library for the ethernet api driver)
  • <BSP>\FMC Board Support Package\Refs (Software Source Code for reference applications)

Linux Software BSP:

If you have the appropriate license for Linux, the directory to find the linux software BSP is located in:
  • <BSP>\4FM Core Development Kit\Linux

Please refer to the getting started guide in the documentation directory to help you get started on using the tools.