Vivado, run under windows, is suffering from a maximum path length limitation and it may be required to make a virtual drive mapping to the project folder. The workaround for the long file names error is:

You can map a folder to a specific drive using the “subst” command and VIVADO will not complain about the long file path

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type subst a space and then the drive letter you want to use followed by :
  3. Then type (or copy paste) the path you want to substitute
  4. You now have a new drive in your explorer. Open your Vivado project from this drive


subst f: C:\WRK\firmware\<folder that contains the Vivado project>

to delete the drive you should type the command

subst f: /D

For more information, refer to Xilinx answer record: AR#52787