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difference between mailbox and normal command mode

hello every one,

I cannot actually understand what is the difference between the mailbox and normal command mode.
both of them look similar in their functionality. I think there is some priority difference, i.e. may be mailbox has more priority than normal cmd mode, but I am not sure. Of course they are somewhat difference but what best utilize them?

Can any one explain this with a little example?


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That is quite fascinating...I was wondering how to catch the pulse from completion of my task. I wish I would have ask this earlier ;D

For example the scanning complete and then software gets the notice, Now I am using the register read, with each pulse, the value is set in a register and I constantly monitor that register using c++ using a loop and when the value is set HIGH I manually set that register value low so that it may be used for next scan cycle. and continue on.

So now it means I can replace that thing with the mailbox function.
Hi Jaffry

the mailbox feature is mainly intended for Firmware to Host software messages.  a command packet with the command field set to "mailbox" translates in an interrupt generated towards the host. The driver places this packet in the mailbox queue and the software application can read this queue. A typical way to use this is for waking up a software thread in case of an event that has happened in the firmware.

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