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FMC104 example design

Any word on the FMC104 example design for the VC707 board? The website mentioned it would be available "soon."

Thank you,

I have a FMC104 boad and i want to connect to ML605 to use ADC. I seached FMC104's schematic to connect pins but i don't see. Please send me its schematic and FMC104 reference design with ML605?

Thanks you.  


the reference design VC707/FMC104 is available.
Please download the BSP from


Dear Viet Nguyen,

Unfortunately I am not able to provide you with the schematic of the Fmc104. All information required for using the Fmc104 can be found inside the user manual (UM006) and the reference firmware/software. This can be found inside your board support package. Please download the BSP from

If you have more questions regarding the use of the fmc104, I would like to ask you to register on the forum and to create a ticket.

Best regards,

Remon Zandvliet

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