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FMC110 + HTGLX550t

Dear Mr./Mrs.

we have connected a FMC110 card on the 'B' slot of the Virtex 6 HTGLX550 board. In the top file we do not know how the pin "fmcb_pwr_good_c2m" affects the design loaded in the FPGA.

Our problem is that we have a Tri-Ethernet included in the project and whenever the pin is set to '1' the ethernet does not work, but works with this pin set to '0'. We understand from the documentation that this pin must set to '1'.

In summary, it might be a problem of the Trimac itself, and might have nothing to do with the FMC, but if you could give us a hint would be more than welcome :)


Dear Sir,

This cryptic signal name means "Power Good Carrier To Mezzanine". This is the way the carrier is telling to the FMC board the power rails are stable and can be used. I believe setting that pin to zero power off the FMC board completely I would expect. At least the power good LED shall not lit anymore.

This pgood_c2m is a hardware signal used by the power supplies on the FMC board.

I hope that helps,
Dear Sir,

Was the information sufficient, can I go ahead and close this topic?

Feel free to open new topic for other issues anytime you need to do so.

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Dear Mr.

yes, it was clear enough. We need to know the implications on the other board, we'll get support from the other company.

Thanks a lot.
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