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Questions for FMC110+vc707 configuration

[font=calibri]We got the FMC 110 product and w[/font][font=calibri]e will have our carrier board VC707 evaluation kit in this month, before that we look at the bsp of FMC 110 (BSP-FMC110-VC707-ETH-W7) and we have some questions , could you help us:[/font]
[font=calibri]-How do we check that the FMC 110 supports for VC707, from serial or other code  (FMC110 revision 2 for mVADJ=1.8 v ) ?[/font]
[font=calibri]-in BSP, 243_vc707_fmc110 stellar project, 4DSPmain.TClib and *.dsn files are missing, and we couldn’t generate ise/vivado project. How can we run this project in İSE? (dsn file is in implenmentation folder, can we use this? )[/font]
[font=calibri]-Also, which versions of ISE and modelsim, and windows platforms supports these stellar projects of vc707 and fmc110 ? İt says that Windows7 64 bit, does it support win7 32 bit?  [/font]

Dear Sir,

- FMC110 revision 2.0 or more is required in order to run on VC707 indeed, because V1.8 VADJ not supported on old FMC110 revisions.
- Older firmware are using "Legacy" design (.sdf) and libraries ".xml". Both of these can be converted to new design (.dsn) and new librarie (.tclib). This is covered by the 4FM Getting Started Guide, chapter 8 on manual revision r4.15
- We are not using Windows7-32 bit anymore because any decent project for a large Virtex 7 device will use more than 2GB memory, this is why our development machines all have Windows7-64 with at least 8GB RAM. I do not expect problems on 32 bit Windows but I would recommend you to go for 64 bit simply because this is what we are using without problems. This specific firmware been compiled using ISE14.2 and we cannot guarantee it will compile on 14.3, 14.4, 14.5, 14.6 and 14.7. The safest approach would be using the same environment as us (Win7-64, ISE 14.2)

Best Regards,

Dear Arnaud,
Thanks for your help
At the end of coversion from legacy design, I got a warning "design revision 0.1 is out of bound" and should ı ignore it?
Also İse output has some missing cores, I think my İse doesn't support, I think I need ise14.2, bu is there a way to use upper versions and could I use modelsim to sim
Dear Sir,

This warning is because in our new release scheme we cannot release revision under 1.0. You can safely discard this warning.

We do not support Modelsim anymore, only ISIM is supported. You can check the CD document for this firmware for more information.

As far as the missing core are concerned, I don't know, please show me the actual error so I can understand.

As I synthesized ise project, it completed successfully, no missing files, but my İse version is old, as you say, it isn't guaranteed to work well without using ise14.2, I will try 14.2 or upper versions.  İf I get errors, I ask for help. Thanks
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