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Looking at the FMC110 user manual I don't see any documentation on how to interface with the onboard monitoring system. Where can I find documentation on how to access the temperature of the device?

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We are currently working on adding this information in our user manual. I am attaching the relevant portion of the schematic. The monitoring device is an ADT7411. The connections to the device are direct i2c to the FMC connector, as specified by the VITA specification. You can find the FMC pins in Appendix A, FMC110 user manual. These pins are I2C_SCL (C30) and I2C_SDA (C31).

You can find valuable information about ADT7411 on the manufacturer's page ( ), especially in the datasheets/technical documents.

Another relevant information would be the software source code in charge of decoding/controlling values from the device. i2cmaster_getdiagnosticsfmc110() is a C function demonstrating how to parse the value obtained from the sensor. The file I am referring to is C:\Program Files (x86)\4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Refs\Software\FMC110\Libs\I2CMASTER\Impls\i2cmaster_fmc110.cpp.

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Based on the FMC110 User Manual table 8 it looks like we are only able to measure the internal temperature of the ADT7411 chip, not the temperature of the ADC's and DAC's. The FMC126 User Manual table 9 shows that we are able to monitor the ADC Die Temperature. Is it true that with the FMC110 and FMC204 we are only able to measure the internal temperature of the ADT7411 and there is no ability to measure the temperature of the ADC or DAC chips?

that is correct. The ADC and DAC devices do not offer any means of measuring to die temperature.

Following in this topic, what is the I2C address for the ADT7411. It could be 1001 000, 1001 010 or 1001 011, depending on the configuration of the ADD pin. I cannot find anywhere in the documentation what address was selected for the FMC110 board.
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The ADT7411 has an address of 0x48 (8 bit), this is represented as 7 bit address yields into 0b1001000. This information is located in the FMC110 user manual, chapter 6.2.

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Thank you! I guess I missed it.
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