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Simulation support documentation

Dear Arnaud ,

Is there any documentation about the star libraries? I'm looking for some technical specification about the timing and signalling b/w sip-FMC112 and other cores, in order to be able to integrate it with the rest of my system.

In addition, I cannot figure what condition is simulated on simulation files. Is there any documentation about the simulation as well?

Could you please help me on that?


The stars are documented by SD documents, Star description. So as far as FMC112 is concerned, that would be SD128(sip_fmc112).pdf. As a highlight, you can right click on a star in the star picker (on the left side). in StellarIP and display its documentation.

I don't know why carrier do you have but as far as PC720 is concerned, you would look into doc folder and see CD374(PC720_FMC112).pdf. This document describes the constellation, its stars and the simulation. Typically you want to look at "What is simulated?" chapter.

Note that CD and SD documents are in the firmware source code, in doc sub-folders. But yeah you will not find timing diagrams in there, you will need to help yourself with the simulation.

Please let me know if I can close this topic or if you need extra information about this issue.

Best Regards,

Thank you. Although some docs about IPs are available in the folders, I cannot find anything about the sip_fmc112, the respective doc folder is empty.

I will be so grateful if you could share the doc with me.
Here you go!
Thank you. I got my answer.
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