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FMC116 cooling

We're still trying to complete our design, but even in small executions with reference design, we've observed that temperature is smoothly rising.
It's far away from operating range limits, but we'd like to start thinking in cooling solutions.

We've contacted with sales, and we've been forwarded to this forum, so here we are ;)

The suggested ways of cooling the FMC116? (we got it plugged in our Xilinx Virtex ML605 board), are additional fan and custom conduction frame.

Could your provide us more details?

Thanks again!

Víctor Martín, IEEC

Hi Victor

we actually use standard fans that we connect to the ML605 power supply. We attach four standoffs under to allow for airflow and have the fan blow from the table towards the component side of the FMC116.

we can develop a custom cooling frame that attaches to the fmc116 but that is not something we have available off the shelf.

another solution is to use the FMC700 [font=Verdana][size=78%][url=][/url][/size][/font]
This was developed to overcome some pin out limitations on the KC705, but can also be used on ML605 to provide cooling for the FMC board.

Best regards,
Erik Barhorst
Hi Erik,
thanks for your fast reply.
We thought there was a customized cooling frame, according to user manual.

In case we use a standard fan, is there any specific requeriment it has to meet? and what about size/distances of the standoffs? (sorry if it seems a stupid question, but it's our first FPGA+ADC project)

We've also taken a look at the FMC700. What we understand is that using this adaptor, we lose the capability to use the LPC connector of our board, and we need it to plug another device. Have we understood it correctly?

Thanks again!

Hi Victor,

there is no "golden" rule other then if the device does not get too warm it is fine. A fan like this with a 5mm standoff should work

The FMC700 would only work in case you do not need the other FMC connector in deed


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