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FMC125 analog input voltages

I wanted some more clarification about the analog input voltages. The datasheet specs a 0.5Vpp analog voltage range. Does this mean -0.5V to +0.5V or -.25V to +0.25V? Also, if I input a larger amplitude signal, will this damage the hardware, or will I merely exceed the dynamic range of the ADC? Putting it another way, are there overvoltage protections built into the input channels?
The duty cycle for large amplitude pulses is expected to be very small, but I don't want to damage the hardware I just bought!


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Dear Kevin,

That mainly depends whether you have an AC or DC coupled version. 0.5Vpp would translate to:

0 to 500mV (DC)
-250mV to 250mV (AC)

There is no over voltage protection for the sake of linearity and such things. I am attaching a pdf of the analog front end to show you what is on the path.

Best Regards,
Dear Kevin,

Can I go ahead and close this topic?

Best Regards,
Yes, that answers my question. Thank You Arnaud.
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