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FMC125 safe temperature range?

Hi - I have a PC720 with FMC125 and FMC122 mezzanine cards.  I've added extra cooling fans to blow down between the cards, and according to the FMC temperature monitors, I see temperatures of about 47 C ("external") and 69 C ("internal") on the FMC125 (the FMC122 runs cooler).

The e2V digitizer is rated for Tambient of 0 - 70 C.  I assume that this means that the chip temperature can exceed this (the Tjunction is rated to 125 C) - does this sound correct?  What do you consider a safe range for the chip temperature?

To get the digitizer any cooler than it is (while not in standby), I think it would be necessary to add a heatsink, as the airflow is quite good now.

Thanks  - gary

Dear Gary,

Such a heatsink could be used:

Mind the heights constraints.

Thanks, Arnaud. But what is a reasonable safe temp range for the chip?  I realized that if Tambient is rated up to 70, the die temp must be higher.
Thanks - Gary
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