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FMC122 and zc702

I have FMC122 and ZC702 boards.
I try run example, how describe in "4FM Getting Started Guide (Microsoft Windows), r4.15" on page 65 ("11.3 ZC702, ZC706, Zedboard"). After connect FMC122 to zc702, I can not configure FPGA. Output go.bat script in attached file "ISE Command Prompt (UTF-8).txt".
How I can fix it?

Dear Sir,

I will be trying to help you out here. Can you let me know if the same happens without FMC122 plugged on your ZC702.

Can you also try to program the bit file with Xilinx Impact to see if that work?

Another thing to check, there might be some JTAG chain settings on the ZC702, including FMC to the JTAG chain. Try to check if this helps or not.

Best Regards,
Without FMC122 zc702 successfully programmed and work.
Impact detected only zynq7000_arm_dap and zc7z020, but "Get Device ID" report "ReadIdcode Failed"
In console print:
[i]    INFO:iMPACT - Current time: 11.04.2014 16:00:22
    // *** BATCH CMD : ReadIdcode -p 2
    INFO:iMPACT:583 - '2': The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl File.
    INFO:iMPACT:1578 - '2':  Device IDCODE :        00001111111111111111111111111100
    INFO:iMPACT:1579 - '2': Expected IDCODE:    00000011011100100111000010010011[/i]

Also I insert FMC122 in zc706 board. Impact detected 3 device (xc264a, zynq7000_arm_dap and zc7z045), "Get Device ID" and "Program" fully succeeded. "CPLD" led  glows brightly.
When FMC122 in zc702,  "CPLD" led  glows dim.
Hello Again,

Can you verify Vadj on ZC702? I know that it is possible to change its voltage. Vadj should be 2.5V, check if Vadj voltage same between ZC702 and ZC706.

Make sure ZC702.SW16 is set to "00000" to have JTAG configuration mode. Make sure ZC702.SW10 is also set properly to user the right JTAG port.

Last thing that comes in my mind is the state of ZC702.SW0, this should be set to 0 and sets FMC PRSNT signal which is used by ZC702 to place peripherals in the chain, check "FMC Connector JTAG Bypass" in the ZC702 user guide.

Best Regards,

ZC702.SW16 and ZC702.SW10 configured correctly.
Vadj = 2.5 V with both boards.
But other voltages differ:
1V8D = 1.0V;
3V3D = 0.3V;
2V5  = 1.1V
3V8  = 0.6V;
VCP  = 5.0V (for zc706 = 0.0V);
3V3C = 0.3V;
What is ZC702.SW0?

Dear Sir,

GPIO_SW0 is on SW12, you can check the ZC702 user manual.

I was browsing google for you and I found two interesting posts: (Unless you are using a XM105, discard this one but the error looks similar.)

Then (You can check whether or not PG signal is asserted using the ZC702 schematic)

Let's hope one of these leads bring you closer to your goal!

Best Regards,

Thank you for help.
The second post require TI USB pod, which I don't have.
I will try use zc706 board.
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