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FMC126 with KC705 - Not reading Ethernet from sample program

I have an FMC126 interfaced to a KC705 board.  I am attempting to use the sample program from 4 DSP to output data via ethernet, but the device is not found.  Steps I take to test include:
1.  Program the xc7l325t device with the file 253_kc705_fmc126.bit using Impact.  Do not program the other device listed, xc2c64a. 
2.  Attempt to read the device using the 4DSP command line program.  See attached png. for the error.

After I program the device, the following ethernet lights illuminate: Half Duplex, 100 Mbps, RX


I think you should use a command without brackets. Could you try "Fmc12xApp 1 KC705 3 0"?

Thanks for the reply.  You were correct that I needed to remove the brackets.  I had used the command without brackets before, but I had a different error at that point apparently. 

The sample program is now working and storing buffered results.

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