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Offset Problem?


I am giving a sine wave from a function generator with peak-to peak of 1.8 V where min_voltage = -900mv and max voltage of 900mv. When I pass this signal to FMC 151, I expect ADC values to span almost the full range of ADC with shape of a proper sine wave.

But when I probe the signal in chipscope, I get a graph which is not a sine wave anymore. However, when a offset voltage of +1V is provided, then I get the shape of the sine wave. But the range of the received sine wave do not span the full range of the ADC. The values are only ranged from 2460 to 10111.

Please note that I probe the signal phy_out_data_0 in the reference firmware.  Could anyone please explain the reason for this?

Thank you.


I have an issue with offsets on both ADC and DAC channels. please checks my post. You might find interesting information
[font=Verdana]Dear Paul,[/font]

It looks like you are representing twos complement samples as binary values. The signal will look fine until the sign bit is reached in a word point of view I think. And indeed we do see a big offset on your signal.

Thank you for the reply.

This issue is fixed now and it's the problem of representation.

Great to hear Paul!

You know where to find us if you need anything more!

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