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Creating an interface VHDL design for FMC 151


I would like to create a VHDL design which stores ADC values in a FIFO. From my understanding, the VHDL design configures the FMC board through an I2C bus. Data output is received to the FPGA as a differential pair. There is also clock and control signals between the FPGA and the FMC board.

I am trying to understand the communication protocol that is implemented here so that I can replicate it in my design. Is there any documentation from 4DSP that describes the hardware interface between the FPGA and the FMC board.

I looked into the reference design of the ML605 reference design for FMC 151. In the reference design, I noticed that sip_fmc_151_0_adc0_out_data(64 bit) and sip_fmc_151_0_adc1_out_data(64 bit) are the ADC values produced by the SIP_FMC151 module. I examined the values of this signal in chipscope but I am not able to interpret these signal. Is it possible to get information on the bit-organization of these signals?


Dear Paul.

Do you still need this information?

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