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Zc706 board with FMC 150

Hi all,
I use the Zc706 board with the FMC150 interface.
I don't find any reference design to do a communication between the FPGA and FMC150.
Also, I don't find in C:\Program Files\4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\ the file concerning the Zc706 board. I found for Zc702 and Zedboard but not for my Board Zc706.
Any Help Please?


Dear Mokhtar,

Customers who purchased a board from Avnet does not get 4DSP reference designs. You should get in touch with Avnet FAEs.

Best Regards,

PS: ZC706 firmware/software is VERY close to ZC702.
Hi Arnaud,
Thank you for your reply.
In fact I mean: I aim to use the StellarIP to generate XISE project from zc706_fmc150.sdf. But I can't find the file concerning the Zc706 and fmc150. (  I found for : zc702_fmc150, zedb_fmc150, vc707_fmc150, kc705_fmc150, sp601_fmc150, sp605_fmc150, ml605_fmc150 but not for my Board Zc706)
So, it is Avnet which provides the zc706_fmc150.sdf?
Thank you,
Dear Sir,

Have you purchased the board from us or from Avnet? Customers who purchase FMC150 from Avnet are not entitled to technical support or material from us. Avnet are VAR and provide technical support to their customers. Avnet are providing their customers with different reference designs without StellarIP and Ethernet. According to what you write you were able to get hold on the 4DSP BSP and obtain a license file and this is normally not delivered free of charge to Avnet customers.

Is it a correct summary of the situation? I also see no traces of you receiving a license file from 4DSP, can you please email this license to me? You can find my email address in the email you received from me on 23 October, subject: "Re: You registration to the technical support forum". Can you also detail me how/where did you get the license file?

Best Regards,

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