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measure DAC output on FMC150


Is there a method to measure the output voltage of the DAC on FMC150?
It is AC coupled so the output should be AC voltage, right?
I use multi-meter (AC mode) to measure the DAC output port C AND D but I always get 0. I do not know why.



Hello Yan,
We don't use multimeter to measure DAC outputs, we are using oscilloscope instead. First of all only a "perfect" sine wave can be measured that way. And also the bandwidth of a multimeter is generally not enough but you can check that in your multimeter user manual.
Best Regards,
Thanks for your answer.

Do you know the output voltage range of the DAC on the FMC150?
In 2's compliment 16-bit input data mode, 0x1FFF indicates the maximum value and 0x3FFF indicates the minimum value?
What is the max and min voltage value of the DAC output in the default mode? 
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