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Problem related to DAC output

            In my design I want DC analog output through DAC,
            Is it possible to get DC output through DAC ? If not then what can I do ?
            If there is AC coupling then Is there any point on FMC150 card, where I can get DC output.....?


Dear Santosh,
The FMC150 is an AC coupled product. There is no way to get DC coupled outputs without to modify the board ( removing transformers, etc..). This is not supported by us and proceeding with this changes yourself would void the warranty.
You might want to contact our sales department in order to find another FMC product with a DC coupled option.
Best Regards,
Hello arnaud,
1. May I get schematic of FMC150 board (at least DAC output circuit)? If 4dsp will provide then it will be very helpful for me.
2. In my design I have seen that If I am changing only frequency of the signal which is going to DAC then Why  Pk-Pk value of output is changing before reconstruction filter and transformer ?(We are observring at differential output pins of DAC ) I expect it should not happen. What is the reason behind it ?

Dear Santosh,
1. Sure, there is a topic with the schematic posted (revision v1.2, if you have a different revision, let me know): [url=,911.0.html],911.0.html[/url]
2. We don't know, can be many things, maybe DAC bandwidth, maybe your scope bandwidth, anything like that.
Best Regards,
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