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Errors in FMC176 User Manual

I just wanted to let the community know that there are some errors in FMC interface pin-out table located in Appendix A of the r1.1 (February 2013) FMC176 User Manual .  I'll let the 4DSP folks clarify what they are.


Dear Stefan,
Thank you for you valuable feedback. Are you referring to the revision 1.1 document part of our current material? I can see that there was an update on FMC176/FMC230 user manuals:
FMC_TO_CPLD pins pairs were swapped 1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4.
CLK_DIR is unconnected.
Could you please indicate if this is the errors you are referring to?  I am attaching revision 1.1 manual to this post.
Best Regards,
Is there an error in the pinout on net CLK0_M2C_N and CLK0_M2C_P?
Are signal CLK_TO_FPGAN/P on pins H4 and H5 actually on D4 and D5 of the FMC connector?


CLK_TO_FPGA pins are connected correctly to H4 and H5 of the FMC connector. D4 and D5 are connected to GBTCLK0 (which is ref_clk in the firmware). We will update the GBTCLK pins.

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