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4DSP Support:

    Is the TCP/IP and PCI Interface available for ML605/FMC30RF combination? I noticed in the reference main.cpp that there were three references available ethernet,pci, and tcp/ip. I have successfully used ethernet. What software,drivers, licenses are required to use:

Where are the instructions to use TCP/IP and PCI ?

Dear Sir,

This is not readily available but can surely be made available; we have that available for VC707. I have no idea about the costs. Contacting would be the next step. I know that PCIe does not come free of charge for FMC customers not purchasing our own carriers.

I have to say the PCI path brings extra advantages, you will get several hundreds MB/s bandwidth reliably so this is a good path. We have a DMA engine in the FPGA and API/Driver for it. Linux, Windows and Vxworks are available; Linux/VXworks delivered with compiled source code, Windows delivered as precompiled API/Driver.

I hope that help!

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    Thanks. So is the PCI interface for FMC30RF / ML605 not available at all or can it be purchased to use PCI interface for FMC30RF with ML605 board? If so what is the cost?

Dear Sir,

That's correct the application is generic to all platforms/carriers. The thing is we don't have PCI support on all the carriers for FMC30RF. We have that for VC707 and some other 4DSP carriers. As far as TCP/IP is concerned, we have that supported on ZC702, ZC706 and Zedboard. You probably seen the reference application uses an "abstraction" layer called SIPIF. This layer provides a generic interfaces to either PCI/Mac/TCP/IP layer. You probably seen the CID module also, and usage of cid_getconstellationid() which retrieves the ID of the firmware currently loaded in the FPGA, this is how we kept everything generic in a software point of view.

The 4FM Getting Started Guide document covers TCP/IP, check chapter (Evaluating FMC AD/DA product using Xilinx Development kits). Zedboard/ZC702/ZC706 section covers TCP/IP).

I hope that helps,

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