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4DSP Sirs:

  ML605/FMC30RF was recently aquired. I'm trying to run simple test on board.

Test setup.
  1) Used bit file generated from  4dsp\Common\Firmware\Extracted\202_ml605_fmc30rf\output
          a) After Generating ise project from Stellar IP Generate
          b) Generate Programming file from ISE project
  2) Build Visual C++ Project from 4dsp\FMC Board Support Package\Refs\Software\FMC30RF
          a) Modified waveform from DC_WAVE to SINE_WAVE

  3) On scope see an erratic sinewave that jumps around in phase and amplitude around 2.1 GHZ
  4) On spectrum analyzer see 2.1 GHZ Signal varies in frequency and amplitude around that center.

This doesn't seem correct. Could you explain what I should be seeing.

Dear Sir,

You should modify the software application to use one of the files, TM1_16k_IF0_Fup122.88_1111.txt would be a good one. We do not look at 30RF in the time domain generally but more in the frequency domain. I am attaching what the data buffer saved by the application looks like after an FFT was done on the signal.

Maybe this can provide you with some guidance. Note that in this case, I have placed a loopback cable (with 30db attenuation) between RF IN and RF I/O connectors. You could also use antennas on these connector.

There is also extra details on the following section  [font=Verdana][size=78%][url=,1629.0.html],1629.0.html[/url][/size][/font]

The non flat noise floor on my screen shot is due to the attenuation on the path.

Try to reproduce our test setup because this is how we are testing the cards. There is a carrier frequency and you signal is modulated, on the RX side the signal is demodulated providing you with a the actual input signal, not as perfect as the first one obviously. On the screen shot, bottom part you see the actual signal being modulated and transmitted, the FFT on the input buffer and on the up area is a FFT from the demodulated signal.

What you can measure as is with your spectrum analyzer is the CLK for TX and RX they should be stable, the carrier frequency.

Best Regards,


I looked for that file in my 4dsp install and couldn't find it. Could you tell me were I can find that file.
It is defined in reference software but I can't be find it anywhere.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for this feedback, normally it should be there but I verified in the installed components and I cannot find it also. I fixed the installer script, the files will be there on the next BSP release this Friday.

Best Regards,

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